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Tax Law

Lead Attorney: Cristiane Costa


Lead Attorney: Pedro Innocenti Isaac


TMBJ’s tax law team consists of lawyers with strategic vision and broad experience acquired through years of practice in the corporate world and on the bench. We regularly provide high-level legal assistance, while proposing solutions on matters that optimize clients’ corporate and estate planning.

In our tax practice, we act preventively upon preparing legal opinions and tax-efficient legal structures for corporate, estate and succession matters. We take into account prevailing administrative and judicial case law, while anticipating and avoiding possible conflicts with Brazilian and foreign tax authorities.

During all project phases, we provide our clients with a detailed  legal description of the alternatives, benefits and possible risks, while efficiently compiling and synthesizing relevant information to facilitate the client’s decision-making process.

Our professionals also have expertise in administrative and judicial litigation. While in court, they act preventively and defensively when responding to tax assessments imposed by the Brazilian federal, state and municipal authorities.

In M&A transactions, our tax team participates in due diligence procedures to provide a comprehensive legal review of tax assets and liabilities related to target entities.

We understand that the application of tax law impacts almost all sectors of a company and, for that reason, we regularly work with attorneys from other firm departments. As a result, our legal advice properly considers the tax, social security, financial and criminal impacts of any given transaction.